Raycus 50W 300mm Laser- Brass ammo cartridge

Newbie here…I’ve been trying to get a good marking on an empty ammo cartridge but i either burn it or no marks show up at all on cartridges, Can anyone please help me please? I’m using 127 speed power 54 power and 50 khz

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I’m using 110-S, 90-P, and 50-F for the black pass. I did several engraving passes to etch the design prior to the color

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I’m using a 30w Raycus with a 90X90 lense. You may have to tweak those a bit depending on your machine.

for reference only

Omg I’ve gotten black marks !
Not as nice as yours, but it’s sure is way better than I’ve ever gotten. Thank you!

What is the first column?

I think that should be power.