EZCAD software does not work and cannot be filled

Before starting EZCAD, close the anti-virus software and computer housekeeper and other software. The compressed file is saved in the U disk, unzip it and try to open it (some files in the original folder may be damaged, causing EZCAD to fail to start).

Where can I find EZCAD software?

Hi nileshbarange,
Here is the link of downloading address:

if you have any use problem,you can post here.

Thank you for the link.
I have Galvo Scan Head 10.6um and JCZ FBLI-B-V4 broad.
But can’t connect it to EzCAD.

Do you know the procedure? or standard operating manual.

Thank you,

Hi Nilesh,
Here is the operating manual,hope it’s helpful for you.

FBLMCB-V4.pdf (719.2 KB)