Artwork for EzCad2

Im having trouble with a PNG art file in EzCad2. When I view the logo on corel, ai or ps, it shows a clean png with no background. When I load from EzCad2 bitmap option, the file loads but has a HUGE white square around the logo and it marks the square with the logo. Does anyone have any solid ideas why this is happening or how can i manipulate the art to get rid of the white background in EzCad2? Remember, this background is gone when I use Corel, Ai and Ps. So there is no point in opening the logo there and removing something that doesn’t show. The yellow is the page background to show the cutout of the logo. It is saved with NO BACKGROUND.

This is what EzCad2 looks like when I open the artwork.

In EZCAD, every pixel is scanned when engraving a photo, including the background, and you need to manually adjust the grayscale map to accommodate this change, EZCAD recognizes grayscale values from 0 by default. Or you can try to adapt Lightburn, which is smarter for image processing.

Thanks Lucas but Im not sure what this has to do with the big square background around the logo. Its a bitmap png with absolutely NO background when viewed in Corel, ai or photoshop. It saved without any background and will not show any background when viewed in any of my photo veiwing programs. When I import the file into the laser EzCad2, the big white square mysteriously apears. Im pleased with the way the logo engraves. I just don’t want the big white square.

I think with image files, there is always something there… I use transparent background with lightburn but the image size is still there…

Check the transparent background and see if that helps… there has to be some kind of place holder to keep the image correct… the only other option is a vector file…

Good luck

Thanks. I put a clean file back in Ai and converted to vector again and it worked out great.

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After the engraving is complete, it is better to use a purge pass. Always high speed and low power.