Failure analysis of HY power supply

I. There is no laser output when working.

  1. First check whether the laser tube itself emits light (test whether it emits light at the light outlet of the laser tube). If the light is emitted normally, check whether the lens is damaged and whether the optical path is offset.
  2. There is no light at the light exit of the laser tube, check whether the water circulation is normal (see whether the water flow in the water pipe is smooth).
  3. The water circulation is normal. Check whether the laser power indicator is on and the fan is running. If the light is not on and the fan does not turn, first check whether the AC input 220V or 110V is normal.
  4. The 220V or 110V AC input of the laser power supply is normal. First, unplug the 6-wire green control wire terminal on the laser power supply, and press the “TEST” button to manually output the light.
    a. If the light can be emitted normally, it means that the laser tube and power supply are normal. The problem lies in the control circuit. Plug in the 6-wire green terminal control line and short-circuit WP and G. If it emits light, it means that the water protection switch is broken; if it does not emit light, try again. Short-circuit TL and G to see if there is light.
    b. If the light cannot be emitted or the light is weak, it means that the laser power supply or the laser tube is faulty. If there is a spare laser power supply, or a double-head machine, or more than 2 laser machines, you can replace the normal laser power supply to eliminate the laser power supply problem.

ii. The output light becomes weak and the intensity is not enough.
1.Check the working light intensity, speed and water temperature. The light intensity is not enough, the speed is too fast, or the water temperature is too high, there may be weak light .
2.Accurately test the current of the laser power supply (the 6-wire green terminal is not connected).
3.Connect a 50ma ammeter in series with the negative pole of the laser power supply (between the laser tube light-emitting end and the laser power supply).
a. To emit light at 50% power, press “TEST” or short-circuit “TL”+'WP"+“G”.
b. 100% power output, short-circuit “TL”+'WP"+“G” and short-circuit “IN”+“5V”.